Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tranquility... Peace... Solitude...

About this image: The rainforest is at the bottom of Minyon Falls (about 100 meters high). During the dry season, it is barely a trickle. In the wet season from November through March or April, a raging torrent would be more accurate to describe it.
At the bottom of the falls is a natural pool, suitable for swimming. There are no sharks.

The wildflower is a Temple Plant. It is not from this rainforest, but one that is further north, in Cape York, Queensland. It is said by botanists to be the rarest flower in Australia. Temple Plants only grow along the banks of one river in the Iron Ranges. Artistic licence, not botanically correct, but I'm the pixel pilot. The flower was done with direct digital imaging that uses no camera, no film, and certainly no chemistry.

Take care if you should visit. There are a number of dangers for the unwary: snakes, spiders, ticks, centipedes, forest rangers, tourists with cameras, and the number 228 bus from Bondi Beach occasionally gets lost here on the way to the beach.

Possibly there is a heaven on Earth, John Lennon...

Spirit of Australia

Image by
Stuart Owen Fox
d.d.i. lab
New South Wales

email address:

In honor of john lennon and yoko ono byron bay is saying to the world, yes, we got the message


Pastimes of the free

Peas, smile

When I grow up, I want to be a lot older

Fundamentalists' vision

Do not open your eyes

the world through the eyes of the censor

Censorship. You alone should decide.

You bastard!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Luis Cristia's green cheese moon over Byron Bay

We are NOT on drugs. In case you thought that we are.

All we ask of our viewers is not to dob us in to our mothers.


Thank you Gary Larson

Wallace & Grommit will be happy

Its made of cheese.

It would be fun to play outdoors in a safer world

All we are saying is, give peas a chance.....

What were were for again?

Bye bye Mr. Smiley







[d.d.i.lab, mullumbimby, new south wales, australia]

Thursday, December 22, 2005


The old peace symbol is pretty tired. Time for her to be retired. We are not living in the 1960's any longer. We have a new world order out there, and its name is 'chaos'.

Around 15,000,000 of us marched peacefully around the world before the war began in Iraq. We are many.

The puff has apparently gone out of the peace movement, but it is still there.

But we are still using an old symbol from an era when a war in Indo-China raged on for a decade.

Perhaps a new symbol can breath life back into our democratic right to say 'we want peace.'

You see green dots everywhere. Traffic lights have a green circle. Peas are a natural organic symbol.

Compared to the old Merceedes logo it is now even easier to leave your mark.

Give us peas. Peas be unto you.

Perhaps we'll get peace again.

Spicy sex is an approved recreational sport

Direct digital image. Scanned underwater by the d.d.i. lab, Mullumbimby.

I knew it!

Use the word 'sex' and everyone reads the message.

Join the peas movement

Don't let this happen to you, peas

Take note, this is a warning.

Invaluable tourist information about sacred sites

Give them peas and nobody gets hurt

Surfing the wave of peas

Byron Bay is famous for its surfing beaches, and men and women from Byron have become world champions in the sport.

Sometimes they arrived here as champions and decided that this isn't such a bad place to live and work.

In recent years several surfboard designers and builders have established themselves in the Arts & Industrial Estate at the edge of town, and they aren't all mad dogs.

Sadly, some have simply rusted away.

Many local people who surf would prefer to keep things 'local'. Peas on the waves is an issue that hasn't been completely solved. Tolerance and sharing waves are big, big issues.

Environmental concerns about the ocean has forced many surfers to become activists. We urge you to support them as seas rise globally. One day your ability to surf could save your life. These surfers could teach you important skills to stay upright.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Brewing and winemaking, perhaps?

By custom, we send cards out this time of the year

Around our Shire there seems to be a captive breeding program for authoritarian signs that somebody thinks would be a good idea. Perhaps that same person owns a company which manufactures signs? I'm looking for a sign that says, "Warning: read this sign or else." It is bound to happen.

Before the film 2001, memory meant something else

Is it only 35 years since HAL was introduced into our lives in Stanley Kubrick's film? I can't remember. Now, nearly all aspects of our lives involve computers in one way or another. I think I can remember a time before computers. Sometimes it is important to use our memory (in our heads) to remind us of what we are missing, and if it is 'worth it'. If we can remember.
Close the hatch doors, HAL.


Festival of the purple cows, Mullumbimby

Sexist festival of bum patting

We have so many festivals now that I wonder how we managed to live before committees and tourism experts decided that the best way to fleece money out of tourists was with festivals. Ok. I'll come clean. This isn't a real festival. Yet. But the way tourism seems to be going it might well be one in the near future.

Personally, I'd like to see a festival of Peace and Quiet (or peas and quiet.) Or a year of the festival free year, celebrated with a festival.

Byron Bay's Clean Underarm Festival 2005

When snakes go bad

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The amazing Australian Cockatoo


If you would like an insight into the wonderful world of the Australian flying fox, hang upside down and look at the world.

They live in rainforests throughout Australia. A colony of flying foxes may number many thousands. They nap during the day, and go foraging for food at night. Of all of the animals that are native to Australia, the flying fox is reputed to be the smartest. I'm not sure how scientists figured this out. Perhaps because they have never found any television sets or video games in flying fox colonies. Some flying foxes, however, have credit cards because they can accumulate frequent flyer points with them.

Flying foxes do not use public transport or drive vehicles, not even bicycles. They fly everywhere that they want to go to. The flying fox has fur and not feathers. Feathers would get in the way if they were to take up skateboarding or tennis or even swimming as sports. According to people that study evolution as a serious science it is believed that there is only a tiny chance of them evolving further in that direction.

Fying fox is a favorite food of Australia's indigineous people. A flying fox is traditionally cooked by being thrown up onto a camp fire and roasted slowly until tender. (Hence the famous phrase, "THROW ANOTHER FOX ON THE BARBIE, LOVE!) I have been offered to partake of this furry flying delicacy several times, but alas, I am unable to bring myself to eat one of my own family members.

If you visit Australia, you will find flying fox on nearly every gourmet restaurant menu, especially in the Capital Cities. Ask in the supermarket for "Flying Fox Chips" which come in many delicious flavors, including soy, sweet chili and onion.

What do they really taste like? Like chicken, of course.

-- Stuart Owen Fox

In the peas movement, fire twirling is 'in'

Historical proof of early surfboard design

Actual sign of the times, Snowy Mountains Australia

Kangaroos have very big hind feet. This enables them to ski with grace and considerable skill during the winter months in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It is further proof of intelligent design.

Give Snow Peas A Chance

Where snow peas live in peace

Where frozen food comes from

It comes from the lair of the giant frozen peas, in the Snowy Mountains of Australia.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Younger Japanese people love the peas movement

Hiroshima and Nakasaki were low points in a terrible war, but now there is peas in Japan

Peas full motorcycle riders in Australia

You can ride a Harley and still be in favor of peas

Most surfers are pro peas and anti-war

Genuine peas activists in Australia

Anybody and everybody should be an advocate for peas

Peas race is better than the arms race

Byron Bay likes to think of itself as leading the peas movement

Ancient musicial instrument

Annual festival of peas

Peas full non-violent entertainment