Saturday, December 10, 2005

When science screws up big time

Tree house in prime location for sale by owner

High energy dog for immediate sale

Be a property owner today!

Man's best near sighted friend

Something special at Byron Bay is on offer now

Chance of a lifetime! Trust your greedy instincts.

See more exciting offers in our amazing archives. Return to the top of the page and click your mouse to earn more reward points.

Rural tranquility and industrial site on offer

Splendid location for sale

Byron Bay Lawfirm of Stashit, Hideit, and Vanish is handling this rare business beauty. Look for their website: or ring them on 1 - 800 - Swindle


"Imagine" -- John Lennon

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein

How to slim down your fat cat

MEOW.... meow.. me............

Friday, December 09, 2005

Muslims and Jews practice this....

Circumcise • v. (1.) cut off the foreskin of (a young boy or man) as a Jewish or Islamic rite, or as a medical treatment (2.) cut off the clitoris, and sometimes the labia of (a girl or young woman) as a traditional practie in some cultures. ORIGIN: M.E. from OFr circonciser, or from L. circumciscircumcidere 'cut around' .


All things must pass

My best friend is my harshest critic - always!

Shakespeare for dogs

In a puppy eat puppy world

Hang in there baby

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many...

When will it be Time?
This is the issue we won't see.
April 1.

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing lasts forever, but on the other hand, you can not destroy matter. It mearly changes from one form to another.

Everyone can be famous at Byron Bay

No names, please, but see if you can guess who it is that is operating the video camera. Can't? Here is a clue. He lives here. He was nominated for an Academy Award for one of his many outstanding documentary films. Still can't get it? Here is another clue for the clueless: his most recent film questioned what happens to depleted uranium when the military gets to decide. Still don't get it? Try another clue: he speaks Spanish. What? You still have not figured it out yet?

That is very sad. Last clue: the A.B.C. Television recently allocated to him prime time to show one of his documentaries.

But if you prefer watching Kath & Kim.....or if you only watch sports, or game shows, or so-called 'reality T.V.' then maybe you don't fit into the culture of Byron Bay. Go to the Gold Coast. They like people like you.

How we greet tourists in Byron Bay

More than just a myth


Sunscreen is smart fashion in Byron Bay

It is your choice what you do

Be happy. And remember to take naps.

getting over the hump

Create a beautiful horse from an ugly camel

The world needs fewer ugly camels and more beautiful horses. Do your bit to help.

No doubt about it, the world really is mad

Escapist fantasy on your mind? Seen to much on the T.V. news and having nightmares? Is there any place that isn't mad? What is mad? What is sane? Is it all just in your mind? Is anybody out there happy? Why is everone in power incapable of laughing at the universe? Is there a better way to manage this planet? Who do you trust?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Main Family Beach, Byron Bay

They went naked. We go naked.

Going Naked in Byron Bay isn't just a spectator sport, sport. Its the real thing. Better even than your Sunday Bible classes in Dallas, Texas. Here you can be Adam! Here you can be Eve! You can eat apples and play with serpents and ride bicycles anwhere in the innocent costume that you were born into. Everyone does it. Everyone loves it. Here, in Byron Bay, we know out sin from our sun, and we prefer to enjoy our sin out in the sun. Its so coooool when its sooooo hot. Anywhere, anytime, think about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden which is really Byron Bay.

Byron Bay annual festival of shovels

Every summer Byron Bay plays host to an international festival of the shovels called "DIG IT." Byron Bay is the perfect place for a family holiday. Bring your aged, infirm, cranky old grandmother. If you win the competition, not only do you win fabulous prizes, but you can also collect on Granny's insurance policy and have much more room in your car on the way home. Fun for everyone. This is family entertainment at its best. Dig it!

Riches beyond your wildest dreams

History books are filled with amazing stories of pirates that buried treasures that were looted from the Spanish. Byron Bay is no exception. Since 1976, enough buried treasures have been located at Byron Bay (Australia's most easterly point) than at all other locations in the entire world. Most of the lucky individuals that found amazing wealth in the form of diamonds, rubies, and scratch cards are now living in luxury at Watego's Beach (knock on any door - they are only too pleased to receive unannounced visitors, and to tell their amazing stories over a bottle or two of fine Scotch whiskey. DO NOT STEAL FROM THESE PEOPLE! (Ask politely, and sometimes they have been known to give away trinkets, like gold bars or jewels, but only if you have long hair and are unemployed and are on welfare.)

And, Good Luck in your treasure hunt! May the force be with you!

Better than an e-mail from Nigeria

Real estate agents are your friends and they only want to see that you are happy and prosperous. Believe everything that they say, always. They have your best interests at heart. In fact, did you know that in order to become a real estate agent in Byron Bay the applicant must have surgery to remove his/her Greed Organ. This is the truth, so help me Dog.

Gold Credit Cards Welcome

Not my cup of tea

A legend has some basis in truth, and the wonderful truth about Byron Bay is that everyone on the dole is welcome here, and the real estate agents are your friends and they will rent a 9 bedroom house to you at Watego's Beach for $60 a month, and the Byron Shire Council gives away FREE coffee vouchers that you can use in any coffee shop, and single mothers get free food if they just ask in a polite way. The town also produces an exciting New Year's Eve party that lasts for 7 days, and there is no charge for alcohol of any type which is always available from the pubs in town which also provide free meals to visitors. Parking is free everywhere. Byron Bay does not have any sexually transmitted diseases so condoms are unnecessary. Waves have perfect breaks, and nobody surfs, so you can have them to yourself. Taxi services are free. If you need clothing, all shops provide you with all of your needs. Clothing, however, is optional, and you may choose to walk around Byron Bay naked like most of the other people under 25 years of age. Byron Shire Council provides free baby sitting services providing visitors arrive by rail (another free service.) Help yourself to bags of money at any bank. They are only too happy to give it away. Under orders from the State Government, the Byron Bay swimming pool has been filled with champaign, and there is no charge for entry providing you are not wearing swimming gear. If you need a surfboard, any local resident will provide one. Dogs and cats are permitted on the beach. You may camp anywhere. We recommend up at the lighthouse, as the view is reasonably good on a clear day. Please contact the Byron Bay Tourist Information Office for further enlightenment.


Substance abuse, Byron Bay style.

Bureaucratic logic to make money

Parking fees in Byron Bay are rising. When will it stop?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Amsterdam wine and food tasting night

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Darwin was right after all

The power of direct digital imaging

Direct digital imaging. Its clear now.

How to contact the d.d.i. lab

Who ever thought that science could be so much fun? Or is it art? Or is it a combination of the two? And who could doubt that the digital monster that works here is having fun?

Before & After

Here is scientific proof that direct digital imaging will cure you of photography or double your money back

Do not be afraid

Rodin's masterpiece, 'The Kiss' is on display at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark. Do not be afraid to enjoy the art.

Flex your mind in Copenhagen

If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, Denmark...visit the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum. It is remarkable. You will never forget the experiences. An amazing museum in the centre of the city, opposite Tivoli Gardens. A good place to let your imagination run free.

Google them for more information and visit their web site.

Shower with a friend

Cape York, Australia, ginger

Curiosity and Technology in the 21st Century

Recently a classroom full of students at the A.N.U. in Canberra suffered through my lecture on technical aspects of direct digital imaging.

Mention the words "applied physics" or "Newton's Law of the Inverse Square" and "technology" in the same sentence to students. Take bets on which one will faint first. My talk wasn’t in the physics department. It was in the arts building.

Throughout history, each new development in technology corresponded with artists using new mediums in a way for which it wasn’t intended.

Camera technology - discovered, perhaps with a pinhole in a tent. On the opposite side, inverted, an image appeared. But it took time to find technology - and suitable chemistry before it was possible to ‘fix’ an image ‘permanently.’ Simultaneously photographers were imagining taking aerial, underwater or space pictures..

Digital technology heralded a revolution. This is just the beginning chapter. These days if an automated rocket does not have a digital camera on board to show us what the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa looks like, we are likely to complain. People want to see what is ‘new’.

Direct Digital Imaging is a method that I’ve experimented with continuously since 1999. It involves taking a three dimensional object and placing it on a scanner,
and recording it in minute details. This is pure applied physics. The laws for how it works were written by Sir Isaac Newton more than 350 years ago. Technology is the key.

Any artist that doesn’t investigate new possibilities in the digital world is potentially missing an opportunity to see what lies over the horizon.

But, alas, to do that requires abandoning a fear of technology. And acquiring curiosity.

--written by stuart owen fox from the d.d.i. lab 2005

Cringe, you foreign devils

This picture was borrowed from a web site for the purpose of explaining American family values to the world

Behind every gentle wild bird

Behind every bird brain lurks a dinosaur.

Direct Digital Image of an Eastern Rosella, an Australian surfing parrot

More artwork from good Karma Phuntsok

Small, short, insignificant tree huggers

This might be why wood chippers operating in old growth forests don't show you pictures

Why kangaroos have big feet

Possibly the world's first d.d.i. book?

Direct Digital Imaging is a technique for making pictures that does not require using a camera, film or chemistry. In late 2003 this book was published in French and English using only d.d.i.

If any sharp eyed readers are out there that know of a book printed with d.d.i. prior to this, please let me know. Thank you.