Saturday, December 03, 2005

Heaven & Hell

Who is responsible for traffic chaos in this town?

Ministry for Naps

Do it today.
Do it tomorrow.
-- by order of the
Minister for Naps

You can't eat money, but you can try to

Would someone please tell me what the point is of having a lot of money if our planet get trashed in the process? Like, what are you going to do? Buy a rocket ship and fly to Mars? Have a nice day.:-0)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Direct digital imaging

Fox Talbot and Stuart Owen Fox are different people. Both were involved with photography.


Computer Inspired Artist's Hind Quarters (C.I.A.- H.Q.) is a scientific research lab that is totally dedicated to finding new, and better ways of creating photographic quality images without using cameras, film, or chemicals. Our work is based on Sir Isaac Newton's Law of the Inverse Square as it applies to light. (Google Newton if you want to find out more, or look in the Wikipedia for more information about Newton and his laws.) D.D.I. is shorthand for "Direct Digital Imaging". Stuart Owen Fox used to be an internationally known photographer. Fox began research into d.d.i. in 1999, and shortly thereafter he sold or gave away all 19 of his cameras, his professional lighting equipment, and closed his photographic publishing business (The Silent Picture Show). Then he destroyed all of his photographs, probably numbering around 250,000 original transparencies and negatives. He has not used a camera since embarking on his new career in applied physics, which is what d.d.i. actually is all about. Six years ago, Fox did not know what physics scientists were about, and now he are one, for better or worse, and pity the poor community of scientists that he comes into contact with.....

Life is slow decay. War makes it go faster.

Are you being bugged?

Life is short.

Dancing is a metaphore.

Do not attempt to drown yourself

These life savers would much rather be drinking beer than wasting time rescuing people from drowning.
Please be considerate and learn how to swim.

Not ear rings

These are swamp bloodwood flowers. From northern Australia. Cape York.

Women hate men with hair like this

Why do men get nose hair? Is this proof that God likes a good joke?
And then -- nose hair in flowers!

He blew his mind out on a stem

This little guy gives an entirely new meaning to that overused phrase "he blew his mind out".

It is an Australian cicada.

When he is ready, he just...blows his mind out, and leaves his body behind.

Just like a lot of humans that I've met over the years.

Where I am living

Even Google Earth doesn't know where Mullumbimby is.

Be very careful who you kiss

A frog on your shoulder is better than a frog in your throat.

Summertime starts December 1 in Australia

The authorities forbid drowning.
You have been warned.

Thank you, Joseph Banks (sic transit gloria mundi)

Thank you Joseph Banks for putting little I.D. tags on many Australian flowers. Without your help we would not be able to find them. OK, everyone, its Joseph Bank's fault that they teach you Latin in botany class. Him, and his Swedish side kick, Daniel Solander, whose teacher was Carl Linneas, who also thought that Latin names would be a splendid idea.

Now you know.

Blame them if you hate Latin.

Canberra is not Amsterdam. It could never be.

Canberra has an annual tulip festival. Don't worry, Amsterdam. We miss your two lips, and your tulips, and we are here to tell you that you should not accept substitutes. Give us coffee and nobody get hurt.

This innocent rose is drowning

There is no reason to be alarmed. Just give us fresh coffee and nobody will get hurt.

A gecko is but a shadow of its former self

direct digital imaging technique by the eccentric d.d.i. lab in mullumbimby

Birds' eye view of the burning forest

Rose crown pigeon with direct digital imaging technique made by the d.d.i. lab, mullumbimby

Get a clear view

Is transparency too much to ask for in a democracy?

Lest we ever forget how dumb bureaucrats can be

I suppose that bureaucrats prove that God does indeed have a sence of humor.

A rose does not look like a woman

Why do writers and poets compare roses with women? I can't imagine why.

The rarest flower in Australia

The proverb is from China. The flower is from Cape York, Australia. The chops (seals) are mine, and they are also from China. Ask someone that can read Chinese (if you can't) if you want to know what the calligraphy says. Because I won't tell you.

Its all in the details

If your pictures aren't sharp enough, the problem is that you are probably still using a camera. If you learn to use your imagination, you will see that there are other solutions besides the bleeding obvious. In this case, the solution to sharper images was simply to do away with cameras entirely.

Look Mom, no camera

Direct digital imaging is done without a camera, without film, and without chemistry. It involves using Sir Isaac Newton's law of the inverse square and photons of light. Newton died hundreds of years before the invention of the electric light bulb. But his genius for analysis remains. This is a new use of Newton's Law of the Inverse Square.

Shop until you drop

Help save our way of life.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The truth always happens

Eat spiders to improve your sex life

It is a fact of life. If you eat enough spiders, sooner or later you will bite into one that will probably kill you.

I am, therefore I eat

I eat, therefore I am

Until death do us part

Shop around until you get a bargain

Please shower with friends & save water

Another popular myth debunked

What kind of lie is this?


"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -- Professor Albert Einstein

Give coffee to surfers, or else

Coffee is the surfer's drug of choice

Free Enterprise Rules

Free enterprise doesn't seem to have any rules, except for more free enterprise.

Australia's national animal symbol


Money trail is not hard to follow

We believe in total free enterprise.
We believe in unrestricted advertising.

Give more peas a chance

Australia is a peas-full country.

No kidding, I wish you were here

Not only is Australia the greatest, most wonderful, happiest, richest, best country in the whole entire world but they are also the world's best at sports and sports and sports and sports and sports and sports and more sports.

According the the Liberal Party currently in power, we are just perfect, and to stay that way, we have to keep re electing them forever and ever and ever.

And then we will keep on winning at sport.

Koalas always vote Liberal. Always. Always. Always.

Visit Australia.

Bring your credit cards.

Monkey Business

Its easy to go ape over
Intelligent design

Sacred advertising space

What is sacred, nature or advertising?
Nature should be a 100% ad free zone

In your face

What gall!
Who is giving permission for all this outdoor advertising?
Follow the money trail.

Ad free zone

Have you noticed how advertising is taking over nature?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What to do? What is important?

Is advertising more important than preserving our appreciation of our environment?

Where will it stop?

Follow the money trail folks.

Fact: Coca Cola Company was fined by a court in India for painting a huge ad for its product on the Himalaya Mountains.
Then Pepsi Cola did the same thing. They were also fined.

Banned - another brilliant Council idea

Some locals feel that horses should remain and cars should be banned.

Keep bicycles and pedestrians.

Its too many cars that are stuffing up the community.

Gone. Vanished. No more goats at Cape Byron

The legend is that Captain (actually Lt.) James Cook left some goats at Cape Byron in 1770.

Just in case some stranded sailors needed take away food in the future.

The fact is: they were all removed recently.

The question is: Did they taste good? We never found out.

Follow the money trail

If you have ever wondered why something happens, and who might be behind it, there is one piece of advice that works every time.

Follow the money trail.

Very good for sex

True story from Denmark. This happened several years ago.
Two Danish women - in their 20's - pointed fingers at a man they each claimed had fathered a child with them.
The case came to court. The man was asked to plead "Not Guilty" or "Guilty."
"I'm guilty," he said in court.
The judge asked the man to step forward, and the judge asked how old he was.
"81 years old" the man replied.
The judge said, please step forward, and leaned over the bench and whispered to the old man.
"One woman lives on one side of this island, and the other woman lives on the other side of the island," said the Judge,
"and you are 81 years old. Would you please tell me -- how did you manage to do it? Both women. Same time."
"Its no problem," answered the senior citizen, "I have a bicycle."

Byron Bay's finest hot glass blower, Noel Hart

The hottest glass blower of them all.

He has a web site. Google Noel Hart.

This glass was scanned underwater.