Saturday, November 19, 2005

unfortunately, this is true

Escape is futile

A love story from Hollywood

True confession

it really is
all in the genes.

Updated 10 commandments for century 21

A modest proposal
to edit Moses
and to make him
relevant to
Century 21

this blog is about real democracy


If you don't
use it
lose it.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Second brothel application for Byron Shire

Byron Shire Council is currently considering allowing an application for a licence to operate a legal brothel in the Byron Bay Arts & Industrial Estate.

The zoning is correct.

The yet-to-be-built house of heavenly delights is destined to open in 2006.

Yet many local residents are openly asking the question: "Do we need another one?"

Competition is good. Our Government says so.

Chill out. Lay back and enjoy it, mate.

you want proof? here is proof at last!

Charles Darwan was an ape.
But you are a scientist.

You need more proof?

Trust us.

Typewriters could NOT happen by natural selection.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

understanding dogs

how to understand your dog

inside every flower

two cultures
one image

migration route

two cultures
one image

Recycling dead fish

Fish that died an in aquarium
Recycled with d.d.i.

More dead fish

Recycled fish from an aquarium.

Scanned with d.d.i. underwater

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Global warming #5

It can't happen here.

a smile warms your heart

No tax on smiling, yet.

just give it time.

the next refugees on the beach will be...

arriving from the sea

too much weed

if you smoke weed,
you'll get stoned.

choose your addiction carefully

everybody has an addiction

coffee, tea, chocolate, drugs, etc.

future road kill

Destined for the road kill cafe

single mothers are welcome in Byron Bay

mom and cubs

Never, ever happen here

be careful what you say

Trees don't vote

if trees could vote we'd have less politicians

Australian culture

why art is important

man's best friend

How a dog can lose his welcome at home

invaluable sex education info

how to spot the differences

hot sex

trees do it too.

Ministry for roads

Dear Minister for Roads,

Thank you for fixing the traffic mess in Sydney.

Now, can you get your team

to fix the Harbour Bridge traffic?

They can't help it

Boys can't help it.

Its something in their genes.

Why do Australians swim so fast?

Its all about motivation.


Sydney, Australia

Myth of global warming.

You are being watched

Your paranoia is justified


Public perception of a typical bureaucrat

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Amsterdam's nightmare

If you aren't worried
about global warming
something is wrong.

You should be quite worried.

Especially if you don't like fish.

Amsterdam, get a grip

Noisy, loud, a waste
of fossil fuel.


Think again!

What to do with a stray cat

Stray cats a problem in your area?

Give them to deep throat.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Rare and endangered - Byron Bay

Local sea horses Hippocampus tristus. Length, 23 cm.

And delicious.

Especially with chips.

Also with taco sauce.

Texas favourite.

Ink test #1

Combining d.d.i. and ink


Direct digital image, D.D.I. lab, Mullumbimby

No camera. No film. No chemistry.

Direct digital imaging

No camera, no film, no chemistry.

Direct digital image.

D.D.I. Lab, Mullumbimby

Byron Bay - the truth

Getting Byron Bay people to keep their clothes on

is just as easy as herding cats.

Future of Byron Bay

WARNING! Real Estate dreaming.

Global Warming #2

It can't happen here.

Global Warming #3

Optimistic view, Global Warming

Byron Bay beach

Fundamentalist vision of Byron Bay


If you don't eat meat,

this will happen to you.

Night diving

Noel Hart of Byron Bay created this from hot glass.

Surrealism by d.d.i. lab, Mullumbimby

Coke is it

Main beach, Byron Bay

Law & order is maintained

Capitalist pigs

ain't this the truth

Genetic engineering

Ham & eggs


What we would like to see happen for reconciliation

My best friend is a critic

A little friendly criticism from my best friend.

Byron Bay is hot

Uranium is also hot