Saturday, November 12, 2005

David Suzuki at Byron Bay

The respected ecologist Dr. David Suzuki visits Byron Bay.

Just a little drought in Sydney

It can't happen here.

Somewhere on a Byron Bay beach....

It isn't funny.

give peas a chance

That is all we are saying,

give peas a chance.

Dogs on the beach at Byron Bay

Take a nap, George.

Go on holiday.

Be politically correct at all times

With sea horses, the boys do most of the work.

Guns are good

An American cereal killer.

The streets are not safe in Byron Bay

How can the streets be safe in Byron Bay?

No more skateboards would help.

Brett Whiteley at Byron Bay

Brett Whiteley and Janice at Byron Bay.

No place to exhibit.

No regional art gallery in Byron Bay.

But Brett found space for an original
at the toilet block.

Next day, Byron Shire Council wiped it off.

Thank you dear Council for protecting
the morals of our Shire.

Lest we forget.

Lies about the 12 apostles

If you believe there are 12 Apostles in Victoria
you have fallen for the big lie.

They are only 8.

Global warming claims another Apostle, anno 2005.

Dogosophy is better than philosophy

Dogs are smarter than most people.

The dogs of war are not dogs.

They are people.

Hasn't our world gone to the dogs...

Which planet is the most badly managed planet in the solar system?

Did you vote?

Solving traffic problems - a new approach

Problems with your city or town and traffic? Easy.
It might seem radical.
But, all things considered, this works.

Censorship, Byron Bay style

Censored. This is your life. Always a nanny somewhere, telling you
what you can think. Or what you can hear. Or what you can see.

Uncensored image - you decide if it is, or isn't a....

Hot glass, not hot ass. Noel Hart blew the glass. There is nothing there except glass. Or is there? A clam?
Well, we can't tell what might be in your mind.
You know what you see.
Or do you?
Do you want censorship?

Napoleon was also a short bloke

Short people often suffer from a feeling of inferiority.

Mates drink together

When you have a mate, you have to drink together.

Surfing in byron bay

Surfs' up, who who cares?

A capital offense

Right wing and left wing - they always try pulling the wool over your eyes

Feeding habits of Australian wildlife

People are such pigs, and the native animals can learn from people.

give us coffee and nobody gets hurt

just give us real coffee, and nobody gets hurt

Time for war, Time for Peace

A pentagon fantasy, but buddy, it ain't gonna happen in your lifetime.

Dance and be happy all you work slaves

Nude ain't rude. But then, we don't wear suits.

our political master's motto

We love our politicians. They are so transparent they love US.

suggestion for community developers art

Our community supports the developers. They have such a wonderful vision - of themselves.

The Digital Monster at work

Labrat working on saving the community from its self destructive ways

byron bay give us coffee or else

Give us coffee and nobody will get hurt.