Thursday, December 22, 2005


The old peace symbol is pretty tired. Time for her to be retired. We are not living in the 1960's any longer. We have a new world order out there, and its name is 'chaos'.

Around 15,000,000 of us marched peacefully around the world before the war began in Iraq. We are many.

The puff has apparently gone out of the peace movement, but it is still there.

But we are still using an old symbol from an era when a war in Indo-China raged on for a decade.

Perhaps a new symbol can breath life back into our democratic right to say 'we want peace.'

You see green dots everywhere. Traffic lights have a green circle. Peas are a natural organic symbol.

Compared to the old Merceedes logo it is now even easier to leave your mark.

Give us peas. Peas be unto you.

Perhaps we'll get peace again.


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